69 Fun Ways to Survive Coronavirus Stay at Home Quarantine Boredom

Survive coronavirus quarantine boredom while staying at home and sheltering in place. Fight the urge to become a lush or a couch potato. Take control of your free time while you're not at work. Fight off the quarantine blues and keep boredome at bay by keeping yourself busy (body and mind). Be mindful of your actions and intentional with your time. And, most importantly, have a lot of fun! Stay at home doesn't mean stay inside. You can have fun inside the house and outside the house — from the front-yard to the family-room. Here's a list 69 fun activities you can do at home to help you stay sane, healthy, happy, and having a good time while doing your part to keep everyone safe and secure.

  • 1
    100 Games Bucket List
    100 Games Bucket List

    Play 100 Classic Video Games

    Add 100 video games to your bucket list. Buff up on your video game nostalgia by completing this carefully selected list of 100 video games to try before you die. Spend countless hours gaming on everything from classic Space Invaders to more modern titles like Crash Bandakoot 2. You'll love the design, the games, and the thrill of the hunt as you scratch another game off your list.

  • 2
    The Couple's Bucket List
    The Couple's Bucket List

    Plan Fun Date Nights at Home

    There's no better way to prepare for quarantine than planning 100 fresh date nights in your own home. The Couple's Bucket List  is a cute fun game - a unique gift for you and your quarantine partner. There's loads of ideas you can do while you stay at home and social distance. It's date night in a box.

  • 3
    Super Hazard Quest
    Super Hazard Quest

    Super Hazard Quest

    Do you love to play 8-bit video games? Super Hazard Quest is the card game that plays like an 8-bit side scroller. It's a super duper fun card game to play at home. Heroes build and explore ever-changing, randomly generated levels. Discover items, enemies, and bosses just like your favorite retro video games You can even play video games if your power goes out during an emergency or blackout.

  • 4
    Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game
    Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game

    Viking Clash Toss Game

    Stay at home quarantine doesn't mean stay inside quarantine. Fresh air and vitamin D are good for your health. Kubb Viking Clash Toss game will help you get outside and forget about quarantine for a while. It's lots of fun to play with a partner. Have fun while you're social distancing.

  • 5
    Capture the Flag
    Capture the Flag

    Outdoor Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag Game

    Find ways to have fun at home during quarantine from dawn to dusk with this awesome glow in the dark capture the flag game. The whole point of playing capture the flag is to run away from other people as fast as you can, so think of it as extreme social distancing training while you're sheltering in place.

  • 6
    Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game
    Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game

    Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game

    Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game plays a lot like life-size vertical checkers. Score four in a row and you win! Have fun at home with or without the kids during your stay at home quarantine season.

  • 7
    Exploding Kittens Card Game
    Exploding Kittens Card Game

    Exploding Kittens Card Game

    "It's like Uno. Except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you" -CNN. They say it takes 5 minutes to learn, 15 minutes to play, and 2-5 people to giterdone. More than 9 million copies already sold and a Game of the Year award, so you know it's fun.

  • 8
    Neddy Games Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game
    Neddy Games Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game

    Neddy Games Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game

    Why not test your knowledge of internet conspiracy theories while you quarantine at home? It's perfect for opening your mind — reveal the truth through 250 conspiracy cards and 25 cover up cards.

  • 9
    Dirty Drawers
    Dirty Drawers

    Dirty Drawers

    Some of us like to draw dirty doodles. Are you a little immature and like to draw a dirty doodle or two? Dirty Drawers is a mature drawing game for immature people — not to say you're an immature person, but you'll be sure to add a few laughs to game night when you see what sketches out next.

  • 10
    Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit
    Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

    Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

    Anyone who's seen the movie The Karate Kid knows growing your own bonsai tree takes a long time. You can grow your own miniature tree in your very own home with this bonsai tree seed starter kit. It comes with 4 types of seeds, potting soil, pots, pruning shears, plant markers, and a wooden gift box (super cool!).

  • 11
    Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set
    Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set

    Bob Ross 16 Piece Master Paint Set

    There's never been a better time for happy little trees. The world needs more happy little trees during quarantine and this 16 piece Bob Ross master paint set allows you the opportunity to create your own (canvas not included).

  • 12
    Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge
    Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge

    Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge

    Do you know what's better than connect the dots? Ultimate connect the dots. Hundreds of intricately placed tiny little numbered dots culminate in creative artistic masterpieces at the point of your pencil. Entertain yourself at home for hours mapping out everything from lizards to lionz, owls to peacocks. Add colors if you dare!

  • 13
    ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System
    ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System

    ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System

    You've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and now is the best time to do it. Chord Buddy makes it super simple to start playing real music with your guitar within just a couple of weeks. Part of learning to pay guitar is creating muscle memory by practicing daily, but that doesn't need to be boring. Make learning to play your guitar fun and efficient with Chord Buddy.

  • 14
    Screw the Impossible, Wooden Puzzle
    Screw the Impossible, Wooden Puzzle

    Screw the Impossible, Wooden Puzzle

    How do you get the screw out? Better yet, how did they get the screw in? Screw the impossible — it'll make your brain stop just thinking about it. The real trick is that the joke's on you because the puzzle isn't meant to be solved. Life's about the journey.

  • 15
    3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone
    3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone

    3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone

    I can't even wrap my mind around it. You'll love this one if you're a fan of Tetris and Jenga. Feast your eyes upon the glory of this 3D wooden puzzle. Do you think you have what it takes to build the blocks, bro?

  • 16
    Netflix Party
    Netflix Party

    Netflix Party

    Netflix and chill — even in quarantine. The Netflix Party app lets you watch shows together with family and friends while live chatting alongside the action. Stay connected while you're staying socially distanced.

  • 17
    Exotic Fruits Growing Kit
    Exotic Fruits Growing Kit

    Exotic Fruits Growing Kit

    With a few pots and a little gardening soil you can grow all sorts of fun stuff at home — like exotic fruits in your kitchen. This grow your own exotic fruits kit includes everything you need to easily start your strawberries, goji berries, honeydew, and watermelon plants.

  • 18
    Outdoor Tunnel Backyard Transparent Air Dome Tent
    Outdoor Tunnel Backyard Transparent Air Dome Tent

    Outdoor Tunnel Backyard Transparent Air Dome Tent

    Backyard glamping doesn't get any cooler than this. Imagine taking a nap on a warm summer day inside of your very own outdoor backyard transparent air tunnel domen tent. Whoa!

  • 19
    Retro Video Game Console with 568 Built-in Games
    Retro Video Game Console with 568 Built-in Games

    Play 568 Classic Retro Video Games

    Kill coronavirus quarantine time with this retro classic video game console. It has 568 built-in games. Social distance and play with yourself or invite a friend to sit on the other side of your living room for epic old school video game showdowns.

  • 20
    Infrared Laser Tag At Home Set
    Infrared Laser Tag At Home Set

    Shoot Your Friends with Laser Beams

    Gather yourself and up to four of your family, friends, or roomates, stay six-feet apart, chase eachother around, and shoot at one another with laser beams. Playing laser tag at home in your own backyard is a wicked fun idea to fight boredom during your covid-19 quarantine. Tactical face masks are included. Stay safe and stay healthy while you stay at home.

  • 21
    Discovery Kids Mindblown Rocket Launcher STEM Educational Science Experiment Kit
    Discovery Kids Mindblown Rocket Launcher STEM Educational Science Experiment Kit

    Launch a STEM Rocket

    The best science lab is the one that's available to you. Turn your backyard into Cape Canaveral and launch your own rocket with this at home STEM educational science experiment kit for kids. Send quarantine to outerspace.

  • 22
    LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile 76139 Building Kit
    LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile 76139 Building Kit

    Build a Giant Lego Set

    Remember that giant LEGO set you didn't have the patience to build as a kid? Quarantine is affording you the time in life to be on your Bruce Wayne lane. Fight quarantine boredom and social distance while you painstakingly put together the largest LEGO kit you can find.

  • 23
    Life With A Fat Pussy Adult Humor Coloring Book
    Life With A Fat Pussy Adult Humor Coloring Book

    Color a Funny Adult Coloring Book

    Don't judge a book by its cover — or in this case, its title. This funny coloring book for adults is all about cats. Fat cats. And, this one includes a set of 12 colored pencils, so you can start your meowstapiece right away.

  • 24
    Kids Giant Coloring Poster
    Kids Giant Coloring Poster

    Color a Kid's Giant Coloring Poster

    Get low and spend hours during quarantine coloring in a giant kid's coloring poster. You'll need a large flat surface — like a wooden floor, tile floor, or large dining room table — and your own art supplies. It's going to look fridge-worthy when your finished, but you'll need to hang it on a wall because it's so big!

  • 25
    You Are Your Own Gym Bodyweight Exercise Book
    You Are Your Own Gym Bodyweight Exercise Book

    Become Your Own Bodyweight Exercise Gym

    Stay at home and get fit during quarantine. Did you know you can become your own gym? Yeah. Using your own bodyweight as home exercise equipment you are your own gym. Books have been written about it.

  • 26
    Learn a New Language
    Learn a New Language

    Learn to Speak a New Language

    Staying home during quarantine could be your best chance to learn a new language. Fight boredom and fill your free time with a fun and educational learning experience. Broaden your knowledge and expand your personal horizons by learning one of the most popular spoken languages on Earth. Get everything you need to learn Spanish in one box.

  • 27
    Learn American Sign Language
    Learn American Sign Language

    Learn American Sign Language the Easy Way

    If you've watched any sort of COVID-19 related quarantine news then you've seen the sign language interpretors. You too can learn American Sign Language too while you shelter in place at home during the Coronavirus quarantine. There are books to hep make learning easier, as well as videos and flashcards. Have great conversations with your friends from over 6 feet away without having to yell at each other.

  • 28
    Retro Video Game Machine
    Retro Video Game Machine

    Maximize Your Family Game Room

    If you have a family game room (or even if you don't) you can maximize its potential with a retro arcade game machine. Nowadays, they come with built in games and you don't even need a pocket full of quarters to play or hit continue. The game is never over when you're video gaming at home during quarantine. Get your game on, player one.

  • 29
    At Home Beer Making Kit
    At Home Beer Making Kit

    Brew Your Own Beer at Home

    Are you still traveling out to the grocery store to buy beer during quarantine? Minimize your risk adversity and make beer at home with an all-in-one home brewery kit. You've got the time to make a really tasty small-batch microbrew while you're sheletered at home.

  • 30
    Home Astrology Star Gazing Telescope
    Home Star Gazing Telescope

    Spend the Night Staring at Stars

    Spend time after dark gazing at the stars. Since you're not going out to the club, bars, restaurants, or any sort of social gatherings of more than a few people at night while we're all quarantining together it's a perfect time to get your best view of the cosmos.

  • 31
    Dog Training Kit
    Dog Training Kit

    Teach a Dog a New Trick

    Kill coronavirus boredom during quarantine by teaching an old dog a new trick — or a new dog a new trick (whatever kind of dog you own is fine for this fun at home activity). Collect your dog leash, dog whistle, dog training bells and clicker, dog treats holder, and your loveable canine. It's dog training time.

  • 32
    DIY Time Capsule
    DIY Time Capsule

    Bury a Backyard Time Capsule

    Fight covid-19 quarantine boredom by going through old memories and creating your very own DIY time capsule. You could dig a hole and bury it in your backyard for somone to find in the future. Imagine all of the cool things you could put in there to capture the time we're living in like photos, diaries, toys, facemaks, and more.

  • 33
    Watch Birds Eat at Your Home Window
    Watch Birds Eat at Your Home Window

    Bring Birds to Your Home Window

    Do you love watching birds? You can bring the beauty of birds to your home with a bird feeder that suctions to and hangs on your windows. Fill it up with bird seed and see what kind of birds live in your neck of the woods. Tweet. Tweet. Chirp. Chirp. Every little thing is going to be alright this quarantine season.

  • 34
    Turn Rocks into Crystals with Hammers
    Turn Rocks into Crystals with Hammers

    Grab a Hammer and Crack Open a Rock

    Are you looking for a great way to unwind at home? Maybe you want to take out a little pent up aggression from not being able to go to the gym as much or maybe your roomates are driving you crazy. Or maybe you just love rocks and geodes and staying at home during quarantine is your jam. Regardless, you can bang out and unleash some serious aggression (in a good way) when you turn rocks into beautiful crystal geodes. You buy the rocks. You bust 'em apart. And you revel in glorious quartz (and stuff). It's wicked fun.

  • 35
    Create Chocolate Candy Creations at Home
    Create Chocolate Candy Creations at Home

    Create Chocolate Candy Creations at Home

    You know what tastes great when you cook it low and slow? Chocolate. Chocolate candy bars with candy topping and fillings — made from scratch in your own kitchen at home. Cook and create crazy chocolate candy creations during the coronavirus quarantine challenge. Stay at home and make your own. It'll taste so delicious that you won't want to share with anyone else whether you're pro social distancing or not.

  • 36
    At Home Hot Sauce Making Kit
    At Home Sauce Making Kit

    At Home Sauce Making Kit

    A lot of local restaurants are closed during the Coronavirus quarantine, but you can still get that great artisan hot sauce taste at home with a DIY make your own hot sauce kit. No cooking or harming of precious vegetables is necessary on your part. Mix it. Shake it. Brand it — or just eat it all next taco Tuesday.

  • 37
    At Home Fog Machine
    At Home Fog Machine

    Haunt Your House with Fog Machines

    There's no limit to the quarantine fun you can have at home with your own fog machine. A fog machine with a remote could be the opening scene for a lot of fun in-home pranks. You could turn your living area into a haunted house or just freak out your neighbors with the ghoulish gas. Your call. Fight COVID-19 with fun creative ideas.

  • 38
    At Home Disco Dance Lights Machine
    At Home Disco Dance Party

    Disco Dance Party Fever

    Disco's not dead during quarantine. It's just different. And, it's at your house. Kick the disco light into high gear and throw your own Coronavirus COVID-19 socially distanced dance party (you know, the kind where you and your friends are on video chat and your room is by far the coolest).

  • 39
    Three-in-One Home Game Table (Pool, Ping Pong, Air Hockey)
    Three-in-One Home Game Table (Pool, Ping Pong, Air Hockey)

    Keep Your Table Game Muscle Memory on Point

    You don't need a bar or aracde to play pool, air hockey, or ping pong. Oh no! You can fight quarantine boredom blues and play table games in the comfort of your own home without having to build your own arcade room. Check out multi-purpose game tables to save space and increase the fun. Spend hours mastering your craft. Winner picks next game.

  • 40
    Fooseball Table
    Play Fooseball at Home

    Play a Friendly Game of Fooseball

    Fooseball is frighteningly fun and addictive. Find a friend, socially distance yourselves on opposite sides of the fooseball table, and fire away! Free your mind and fight off Coronavirus quarantine with a friend or family member. Best 2 out of 3 wins? Loser cooks dinner.

  • 41
    Fly a Personal Drone
    Fly a Personal Drone

    Learn to Fly a Personal Drone

    Are you interested in videoing yourself or capturing captivating angles with your camera from unreachable heights? Take time during quarantime to learn to fly and photograph with a personal drone (with camera). You can't be bored when you're at the controls. Take charge of the cockpit with high-def from high altitudes.

  • 42
    Cuisinart Tabletop Stainless Steel Backyard BBQ Grill
    Backyard BBQ Grill

    BBQ with Your Backyard Grill

    You've been doing a great job staying at home during the quarantine, so you deserve a high-quality meal. Take a minute to enjoy nature, the outdoors, and your own backyard at home with a stainless steel table top BBQ grill. Cool up some vegetables and a steak. Relax, it's quarantine.

  • 43
    Learn 100 Deadly Skills
    100 Deadly Skills

    Learn 100 Deadly Skills

    Once upon a time there was a covid-19 quarantine. Lots of small businesses closed and people went for weeks without knowing where their next paycheck or meal would come from. While everyone was sheltering in place you made a smart move and learned 100 deadly skills (from a Navy Seal) to help you feel confident you'll be able to elude pursuers, evade capture, and survive any dangerous situation that might occur in your future. God bless.

  • 44
    Rustic American Flag Cornhole Set
    Play Backyard Cornhole

    Challenge a Foe to Cornhole

    Cornhole comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Grab yourself a friend (or foe), socially distance yourself across the lawn, and fight Coronavirus quarantine boredom at home with a fun game cornhole in your backyard. Keep your competitive edge sharp while you're sheltered at home. Do you have what it takes to toss a little beanbag through a little hole in a wooden board?

  • 45
    Dart Board Dart Kit
    Play Darts at Home

    Dominate Darts During Downtime

    You know what's a really fun game to play when you've got downtime? Darts. Yeah. Pick up a pointy object and toss it at the bullseye. Hang the dart board on your wall and hone your skills whil you build the muscle memory to nail the bullseye every time — then invite your friends or family to come feel the pain. The best thing about darts is you can make up your own games or play alternative rules like Cricket. Kill quarantine boredom with alternative sports.

  • 46
    Giant Wooden Tower Game
    Block Stacking Game

    Stack Blocks Make Towers

    Don't be the one who knocks the tower over. Instead, be the one who stacks the most blocks and builds the highest tower with this giant wooden block stacking game. This one's great fun for kids and adults too! Do you have the poise and athleticism required during quarantine to win the tower game?

  • 47
    Slip n Slide Bowling Fun
    Slip n Slide Backyard Bowling

    Turn Yourself into a Bowling Ball

    Slip, slide, and splash your way to a strike. Turn yourself into a human bowling ball with this backyard bowling H2O speed ramp. Turn on the garden hose and let it rip while you fly your way to at home boredom free zones.

  • 48
    Indoor Hockey Deker Practice Pad
    Indoor Hockey Stick Skills Practice

    Practice Your Hockey Stick Skills Indoors

    A lot of us are missing sports and athletics during the Coronavirus quarantine. If you're a hockey player you can still work on your stick handling skills while you're sheltering indoors with a professional-style training floor. By the time quarantine's over and the country is reopened you'll be triple deking like Charlie Conway. Ducks fly together. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! The cracker jack is back.

  • 49
    Home Pottery Wheel
    Make Pottery at Home

    Make Your Own Ceramic Pottery at Home

    There's something really fulfilling about handcrafting your own ceramic clay pottery. Help yourself fight off coronavirus quarantine boredom with your own two hands. Arm your home with a personal size pottery wheel and you'll never need to to buy another bowl, dish, vase, or hand soap dispensor as long as the motor lives. Rumer has it there's a local art supply store nearby that will deliver fresh clay to your home.

  • 50
    DIY Home Cotton Candy Maker Machine
    Make Your Own Cotton Candy

    Start a Traveling Circus

    You can't start a traveling circus without cotton candy, so you might as well begin your three ring adventure by spinning up your own hot sugar on a stick. Next movie night, give this sweet home cotton candy maker a try. Spice up your quarantine life.

  • 51
    3 Mile Walkie Talkie Hand Radios for Kids
    Talk to Someone Somewhere Else

    Talk to Someone Anywhere at Home

    You know that saying work smarter not harder? Walkie talkie hand radios are a super fun way to handle quarantine with your kids at home. They've got endless questions and you've got a limited amount of time. Instead of teaching your kids to hunt and stalk their pray you can gift them a hand held radio and walkie talkie your answers from anywhere in the house. It'll be a lot of fun for your kid to radio you from their favorite secret hiding spots — epic hide and seek games await!

  • 52
    14ft Inground Trampoline
    Jump on a Trampoline

    Exercise Your Leg Muscles and Jump

    New times call for new ways to exercise, so you can get your daily energy out. Inground trampolines are a fun and challenging way to enjoy yourself while exercising your leg muscles. Jump. Jump. And, jump again. Eat your heart out Coronavirus quarantine. It's time to get your bounce on.

  • 53
    Audible by Amazon
    Audible by Amazon

    Listen to an Audio Book

    Audio books are great fun even during a Coronavirus quarantine. Fiction or non-fiction — if you've been meaning to read more books lately let me be the one to tell you it's a lot easier to listen to a book than it is to read it, but if you're a sponge for new information you can follow along with the reader on your Kindle. If you've got time and a working pair of ears on your head then take a moment and check out Amazon's Audble — you'll find a book just for you.

  • 54
    Indoor Garden Growers Tent
    Indoor Garden Grow Tent

    Start a Four Season Indoor Garden

    Where I live, Summer Sun growing season only lasts a few months. An indoor gardener's grow tent lets you grow fresh herbs and vegetables year round at home. You can have fresh tomatoes, peppers, garlic, chives, oregano, and more regardless of where you live or what time of year it is. Grab a grow tent and start indoor gardening at home.

  • 55
    Indoor Garden Herbal Tea Grow Kit
    Grow Your Own Herbal Tea

    Grow Your Own Herbal Tea at Home

    Tea lovers can grow your own herbal tea at home with an herbal tea garden grow kit. It's easy to plant the seeds, grow fresh tea leaves, and hot or cold brew your own organic blend of tea. Gardening takes love and patience to grow a great final product. You can't rush nature, so it's a sure fire way to fight off coronovirus quarantine boredom at home. Keep calm and drink your own herbal tea. Yes, queen.

  • 56
    Super Simple Learn to Bake Cooking Book
    Super Simple Learn to Bake

    Learn How to Bake Tasty Treats

    Some people are quarantining against sugar. The rest of us are craving cookies, brownies, cakes, and baked goods. Learn how to bake your own pastries with a super simple baking book. It's called comfort food for a reason. Stay at home and stay comforatble during Coronavirus quarantine. At least Grandma can't send a fruit cake this holiday season (social distancing for the win).

  • 57
    Practicing Mindfulness Book
    Practicing Mindfulness at Home

    Start Practicing Mindfulness at Home

    Your mental health is just as important as your physical health during the Coronavirus quarantine. Practicing mindfulness while you stay at home and shelter in place can help with reducing stress, improving mental health, and finding inner peace in your everyday. Stay healthy while you stay at home and improve your life with a little more zen.

  • 58
    Shop eBay Small Business Stores
    Shop eBay Small Business Stores

    Support a Small Business Store on eBay

    Small business is in peril from Coronavirus quarantine. You can support a small business that's selling on eBay by making a purchase through their store. eBay has been making a huge effort to help local businesses who weren't online to get themselves online, but those sellers who depend on eBay to feed their families are still competing out here too. If you're going to buy it on eBay try to buy from an individual or small business first.

  • 59
    DIY Natural Soap Making
    DIY Natural Soap Making

    Learn How to Make Your Own Natural Hand Soap

    If there's one thing we know for sure it's that soap and water kills the rona. Survive Coronavirus quarantine (in general) by staying clean and keeping your hands washed with soap. If you can learn how to make your own soap then you'll never be worried about those panic hoarders who buy up all the hand sanitizer because you can do it yourself when you know how to make soap at home.

  • 60
    Beginners Calligraphy Set
    Beginners Calligraphy Set

    Create Beautiful Calligraphic Font Designs

    Drawing ink to paper feels good any which way you do it. With a beginners calligraphy set you can put pen to pad to create beautifully unique fonts and designs. Decorate the interior of your home, create letterheads for your small business, have fun playing with stamps and hot wax. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy calligraphy, but you'll never be a master artisan unless you start practicing. Get your own calligraphy kit and fight your covid-19 quarantine boredom with intensely intentional inkings of inklings.

  • 61
    Hunters Crossbow
    Learn to Bow Hunt

    Learn How to Bow Hunt

    I'm not saying the world's coming to and end and a lack of truck drivers and factory workers due to the Coronavirus is going to eventually make it hard to get your regular supply of food at home or anything dooms-day-ish, but maybe you're thinking about taking up hunting this year. Learning to shoot a crossbow can be fun — especially target practice — and you can do it at home if you have a large enough yard.

  • 62
    GoPro Video Camera
    Video Everything You Do

    Turn Your Life into a Movie

    Feeling like you need to add a little drama or excitement to your daily life? With a GoPro you can turn every moment into a cinemagic masterpiece. Document your life and create the movie about you. Capture spontaneous memories and unimaginable events — you never know when you'll see a Sasquatch in the wild.

  • 63
    All Edges Brownie Mold Pan
    Brownie Edges Only

    Bake the Best Edgiest Brownies Ever

    Everyone knows the best brownies in the pans are the ones on the edge. When you bake brownies with an edge mold every brownie becomes the best brownie. Stick to buying one brownie mold if you want to fight Coronavirus boredom because you're definitely going to want more than one batch and you can't rush good old fashion home cooking. Relax. Kick back. You're in for a treat. The smell alone will make your socially distanced neighbors jealous.

  • 64
    Vintage Postcards
    Send Postcards to Distant Friends

    Stay in Touch the Old School Way

    At a hand touch to staying in touch. Not that the United States Postal Service needs extra work, but they're still delivering mail and offer home pickups for outbound packages, so writing a letter to your friends and family is a fun way to correspond during your quarantine and keep in contact with others while everyone's socially distancing at home.

  • 65
    Squirt Gun Toys for Kids
    Have a Water Fight

    Defend Cleanliness at Home with Pressurized H2O

    You could have a normal water gun fight in the yard — or you could add a little dish soap to your water tank and aggresively clense small critter that dares step foot on your lawn. Finding the right cure to Coronavirus quarantine boredom is half the battle.

  • 66
    Learn how to eat in the woods
    Learn how to eat in the woods

    Learn How to Eat in the Woods

    Sometimes it seems like it'd be easier to learn how to eat in the woods than to wait in line with a hoard of strangers at Walmart or Costco when it's time to do the grocery shopping during a shelter in place. Foraging, trapping, fishing, and finding sustenance in the forest is refreshingly satisfying and definitely not boring. Feed yourself while you fight off the Coronavirus quarantine boredom.

  • 67
    Wooden chess game board
    Play a Chess Game

    Start Playing Chess Games

    Prevent Coronavirus quarantine boredom with a game of chess. Master the game with the extra time you have at home. It's fun for all ages and all skill levels from beginners to seasoned professionals. With the right partner a strategic game of chess can last for days. Bobby Fisher wasn't born in a minute.

  • 68
    What Do You Mean Adult Party Games
    What Do You Meme?

    Adult Card Games Were Made for Video Chat

    Any sort of flash card is pretty much made for video chat. Adult card party games are perfect. No one can see your card (or anyone elses card) until it's time for the big reveal. Group video chats are the new hanging out and now you don't have to travel with your games. What Do You Meme is the funny meme card game for ages 17+.

  • 69
    White Electric Sewing Machine
    Start Sewing at Home

    Start Sewing Your Own Gear

    Learning to sew could be a real life saver. Help fight Coronavirus quarantine boredom by sewing at home. Spend time learning to sew. Spend time gathering sewing materials. And then spend time sewing really cool patterns. You could even join the cause and help the covid-19 resurgance by sewing homemade cloth masks for your friends and family.